A two-day voyage to cruise the Seto Inland Sea1 night / anchor offshore at Omishima

Experience Setouchi cruising aboard guntû on this one-night voyage.
After departing Bella Vista Marina, pass alongside the picturesque scenery of the Onomichi Strait, followed by sunset cruising among the islands of the Shimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido.
Anchor off the shore of Omishima, Ehime, famed as an island of deities.
On the second day, pass beneath the bridges of the Shimanami Kaido, and weave through the narrow straits between small islands, such as the Hanaguri-seto and Funaori-seto, before returning to Bella Vista Marina.
This one-night route is ideal for those who cannot take an extended break, and who want to experience our little floating hotel while taking an excursion through Setouchi.
Enjoy roaming Setouchi as you spend your time on board however you please.
A two-day voyage to cruise the Seto Inland Sea 1 night / anchor offshore at Omishima
The 1st Day
Bella Vista Marina 3:00 p.m. Departure
Onomichi Strait
Octopus purchase offshore at Mihara
Ondo-no-seto Strait
Chigirijima, Takehara
Offshore Omishima, Ehime Anchor offshore
A two-day voyage to cruise the Seto Inland Sea
Onomichi Strait with guntû
The 2nd Day
Omishima Departure
Tatara Bridge, Hanaguri-seto, Funaori-seto
Bella Vista Marina 12:00 p.m. Return
The content and schedule change depending on the boarding date, and will be announced after getting onboard.