About measures in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus (Updated December 4, 2020)

Thank you for your ongoing support of guntû.

Onboard guntû, we are taking constant precautions to reduce the potential for spread of COVID-19 according to our own rigorous guidelines, which received a “Biosafety Management System” certification in July 2020. We are closely monitoring the changing situation and will reassess as necessary. Please be aware that depending on the circumstances, there is a possibility that the tour will be cancelled suddenly.

Before making a travel application, as well as before embarking, please be sure to read the following conditions.

1. Boarding conditions
In light of the control measures implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, passengers, as well as accompanying family members and travelers, will be unable to board guntû if you fall under the following conditions.

A)Traveled abroad (including transit through airports and other facilities) within 14 days prior to the date of embarkation.
B)Close contact with a person(s) who traveled abroad within 14 days prior to the date of embarkation,
or a person(s) who has been infected by the coronavirus.
* Contact without necessary infection prevention measures, and/or contact in person (live together/extended contact).
* Excluding temporary contact within public areas, such as transportation
C)Have had a temperature of 37.5℃/99.5℉ or greater and/or flu symptoms inclusive of but not limited to; coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and chest pains within 14 days prior to the date of embarkation.
D)Have a temperature greater than 37.5℃ as measured during the boarding procedures on the day of departure.
E)Received a “High Risk” or “Re-test” result in the pre-travel PCR test.

For those who fall under A, B, C, D or E, we will NOT charge cancellation fees. Accommodation and transportation fees will be at your expense.

Residents of Japan should submit a copy of their Residence Card prior to departure.

Condition E) applies to passengers boarding after November 1, 2020.

2. Implementation of PCR testing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (beginning November 1, 2020)
In order to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of our passengers and crew, guests are required to cooperate with a saliva-sample PCR test prior to boarding. A “Low Risk” result is necessary in order to embark. The cost of testing is included in the travel rate.

PCR testing for the novel coronavirus
Approximately 20 days before departure, a COVID-19 PCR testing kit will be sent from Genesis Healthcare Co. to the address listed in your travel application. After receiving the testing kit, follow the instructions to perform the sample collection on your own. Return the sample by mail before the date listed in the email. No postage is necessary. The guntû Desk will notify you if your test result is “High Risk” or “Re-test.”

How to take a sample
https://youtu.be/YT68cVnqjcI (Video) *Subtitles are in Japanese only.

*1: Only a sample from the traveling passenger is valid. If use of another individual’s sample is discovered, permission to travel will be denied.

*2: Upon conducting this test, the passenger information listed in the travel application (Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone Number) will be provided to the testing company. Please understand that reservations cannot be made without acceptance of the sharing of this personal information.

3. On day of departure
After arriving at Setouchi Lounge, you will be asked to write a Health Declaration card and Agreement, and to have your temperature measured. Temperatures will be taken 90 minutes prior to boarding (e.g. start taking body temperatures from 13:30 if the boarding time is 15:00). If your result is more than 37.5℃/99.5℉, you and your fellow traveler(s) will not be permitted to travel with us. We will not charge you a cancellation fee but accommodation and transportation fees will be at your expense. Our guests must disinfect their hands with alcohol-based disinfectant before boarding.

4. If you start to feel sick while on board or notice any irregular symptoms
Please alert our crew as soon as possible if you feel sick while on board. Depending on circumstances, you may be quarantined or escorted to disembarkation at the nearest port. Additionally, if experts determine a high probability of coronavirus infection, the cruise may be cut short and the ship returned to port a t Bella Vista Marina.

5. Enhancing hygiene and cleanliness onboard guntû
We will sanitize public areas such as handrails and elevator frequently. In addition, hand disinfectant will be made available at various places around the ship. The book and magazine service on board will be suspended.

We ask all guests to disinfect hand upon entering the dining area. Reservations will be required to maintain social distance. We will temporarily suspend buffet services.

We will open gym, communal baths and treatment rooms. However, some treatments may not be available.

We ask for your cooperation to disinfect your hands when departing for and returning from off-ship activities, and to wear a mask during excursions from the ship. In order to maintain social distance during off-ship activities, earphones will be provided to listen to the guide. Activities on board/on shore may be subject to change or cancellation depending on the situation.

6. Visitors
In principle, we do not allow visitors to board. For authorized people who need to be on board for business purposes, we will carry out the same procedures described in (1) and (3).

7. Crew
Our crew members will carry out the procedures described in (1) and (3) in the same manner as guests. On-duty crew are required to conduct twice-daily temperature checks and health checks.  Crew members may wear gloves and masks during service depending on circumstances.

8. To guests
In order for our passengers to enjoy a safe and pleasant journey aboard guntû, we ask each guest to be aware of their own health condition, observe coughing and sneezing etiquette, and practice careful handwashing with soap and mouth gargling while onboard, as well as disinfection of hands using the alcohol disinfectant place throughout the ship. Please wear a mask in public areas (excluding private guest cabins) at all times except when eating or bathing. We provide masks as an additional in-room amenity, but we recommended guests to bring their preferred masks with them. If you are looking for more information concerning the COVID-19 coronavirus, please check the webpage: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/english/

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact guntû Desk.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Setouchi Cruise, Inc.